​Robot Stereotaxic

Robot Stereotaxic allows computer controlled stereotaxic positioning in all 3 orthogonal axes.

  • Atlas Integration
  • Computer Control
  • Alignment Correction
  • Drill Robot
  • Injection Robot
  • Digital Stereotaxic
  • Capillary Nanoinjector

Deep Brain Stimulation

The most powerful and easy to use system for DBS-Surgery, integrating planning software and electrophysyological exploration.

  • Planning Software
  • MER System
  • High Precision
  • Control Software
  • 5 Channel Recording

Robot Stereotaxic

Motorized, computer controlled positioning of the probe with atlas integration.

Deep Brain Stimulation

The most powerful and easy to use system for DBS-Surgery

Featured Products

Drill and Injection Robot

​The Drill & Microinjection Robot is a unique stereotaxic instrument for automated drilling, followed by ultraprecise injection without tool exchange.

Wireless Digital Stereotaxic

​Neurostar has developed the Wireless Digital Stereotaxic – Like the Robot Stereotaxic it integrates the Stereotaxic Atlas. The position of the probe is monitored in the animal-adapted atlas. No wires required – the position is transferred wireless to the computer.

Deep Brain Stimulation - NeuroSet

NeuroSet  includes a complete and compact microrecording and stimulation module for electrophysiological exploration, high-precision microdrive and software module for procedure control, visualization and real-time monitoring.

Stereotaxic Videos

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